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Epoxy Flooring Tampa: Who We Are

Epoxy Flooring Tampa is a team of concrete contractors Tampa aiming to provide epoxy flooring solutions for residential and commercial establishments in The Big Guava and nearby cities. We consider installing epoxy floor coatings and applying epoxy coatings as an art. Through this, we transform floors into remarkable displays of industrial-grade artworks. Simply stated, every installation is engineered for enduring quality, design and functionality. Our accomplished floor coatings experts have combined their talents to produce results that are tailored to the specifications and demands of our clients.

It’s time you team up with the best in the industry for your garage floor and epoxy flooring installation needs. Get in touch with only expert concrete contractors Tampa. We’d love to be your partner.

Durability. Design. Function.

Three words that sum up why Tampa epoxy flooring is the number one concrete contractors in Tampa for your floors that ask for heavy-duty demands.

Industrial Installations

High Build Epoxy/Urethane Coating

Coating solutions that are made to withstand serious use and abuse. These provide resistance from impact, fire, chemical, and heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Ideal for industrial facilities that handle food processing, mass production, warehouse, manufacturing, assembly and more.

Commercial Installations

Broadcast Floor System/EpoxyCove Base

These coating solutions are resilient to excessive wear and tear. These are skid-free and provide a protective barrier against chemical and bacterial contamination. Highly recommended for commercial establishments that deal with dining, retail, medical, education, automotive and more.

Residential Installations

All Purpose Coatings (APC)Systems

APC coatings are excellent for decorative epoxy floors. Choose from plain, flake, metallic or polished to achieve your desired look. These simplify cleaning and maintenance while adding aesthetic value to floors. With its versatility, it can be installed in basements, garage floors, home kitchens and more.

Installation Areas

epoxy installation
Manufacturing Facilities
restaurant floor
Healthcare Facilities

The Benefits of EpoxyCoating

Featured Services

epoxy floor
Epoxy floor coating installation is a meticulous process. Conditions are carefully controlled to ensure the right measures are taken from preparation to curing. Installations include resurfacing existing flooring and new floor installation. The wide array of available coatings allow for endless customization options.
decorative concrete floor

Decorative epoxy coatings are applied to give floors long-lasting durability without compromising aesthetic appeal. Metallic epoxy coating is achieved by mixing fine shimmery pigment into the resin giving off an illusion of depth and movement. 3D epoxy is done by sealing an image under a two-component resin to add realistic dimension. In flake epoxy, vinyl chip colors are placed above the basecoat for a widely versatile look.

concrete repair
Epoxy concrete repair is a cost-effective and reliable solution for concrete cracks. The process involves a special epoxy mixture that is injected into concrete cracks. This provides a barrier that will keep water from seeping through.
concrete polishing
Concrete Polishing
Decorative concrete polishing is an affordable way to breath life into drab and lackluster concrete floors. Diamond abrasives are used to polish existing concrete surfaces into a mirror-like effect. The end result is a low-maintenance decorative concrete floor with a lustrous high-shine finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tampa epoxy floors are a flooring system that coats existing concrete floors with an epoxy resin. Epoxy flooring coatings come in different variations each tailored to complement specific conditions. The initial liquid consistency of epoxy coatings makes it fully customizable. It is commonly used in the most demanding environments of industrial and commercial establishments. However, its popularity and versatility have made its way into residential construction.

Professionally installed epoxy floors generally last for an average of 10 years. The key to long-lasting epoxy floors is proper installation and following up with maintenance. Keep in mind that there are other factors that contribute to an epoxy floor lifespan such as constant vehicular traffic, concrete flooring strength, and thickness of the epoxy among others.

Epoxy flooring is notorious for its durability advantage. Epoxy is a time-tested flooring material and is arguably the most durable available in the market. Most of its benefits like fire, chemical and traffic resistance revolve around its heavy-duty quality. This gives it an industrial-grade distinction that most flooring materials don’t have. It’s one of the best protections one can give to concrete floors.

The price for epoxy floor installations now ranges between $6 to $12 dollars depending on the type of epoxy you choose and the thickness of the epoxy coating.

Epoxy floors have long been a fan-favorite among homeowners and business spaces. Nothing beats its durability for it’s price (polyurea coatings are tougher but cost more).

What’s more, they are classy and customizable to pour on your concrete floors.

Epoxy flooring is most popular for home garages and basements. This doesn’t mean you can’t have them in your homes. It’s just more expensive than other concrete coatings and is most useful for preventing tire marks.

Epoxy flooring will cost you up to $12 while tile will go up to $9 in phoenix. The seamless quality and durability of epoxy phoenix flooring is far better despite the cost compared to tile floors.

Epoxy coating is pure resin and therefore can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance and average traffic. Epoxy paint is thinner and is not made of pure resin so it may last you up to 3 years with high traffic.

What To Expect From Tampa Epoxy Flooring

Quality service takes more than talent.

As a distinguished local company, Epoxy Flooring Tampa FL pursues excellence in every project we handle. Our collaborative approach to achieve reliable results call for the involvement of our clients. 

We leave no request, demand or question left unanswered from start to finish. In each process, we put you in charge while we turn your vision into a reality.

Our work ethic pursues the utmost satisfaction of our clients. We are committed to executing our services efficiently. Making sure that we stay on time and without leaving any mess behind.

Don’t take our word for it. Experience our claims firsthand and you won’t regret it.

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