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Innovation is not new to the flooring industry, but 3D epoxy floor may take the cake and prize in that category. Combining design, structural planning, and skilled installation, these are showstopping decor elements that are sure to transform the way you see and understand flooring. Epoxy Flooring Tampa specializes in the  quality installations of flooring solutions over concrete floors that brings your dreams to reality. We can install simple and abstract as well as branded and designed 3D floors according to your specifications.

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What Are 3D Epoxy Floors Tampa?

If you have spent enough time browsing home decor magazines or on home improvement websites, you may be confusing 3D floors with metallic floors. This is a common mistake because 3D epoxy floors can sometimes also appear metallic. But in essence, the two are completely different.While metallic ones get their name from the addition of glitter aggregates into the coating being used, 3D epoxy gets their name from the addition of a design to the actual flooring.

3D epoxy is named such because it does not use the common methods of applying design in a 2D dimension. This means that they don’t use surface decorations like stickers or paint. Instead, the design is embedded at a depth during the whole process.

By adding graphics, it allows the possibility of all kinds of designs, including company logos and large-scale photographs, under a clear topcoat of epoxy. The seeming depth of the image adds an incredible element of surprise and wonder in commercial spaces or showrooms. Our team ensures the skilled and professional installation from beginning to the end.

The Advantages of a 3D Epoxy Floor Tampa Fl

1. Incredible appearance

Whether it’s for residential or Tampa commercial epoxy flooring, these floors speak volume! The pure brilliance of the visual effect is simply unmatched. Because the graphic is laid underneath, it does not strike as obvious or cheap. For showrooms and commercial spaces like stores and lobbies, this can be an opportunity to share something about the brand or use it as advertising space with your company logo.

While it is uncommon for residential spaces to add any specific image, we can install abstract designs under epoxy floors for the same effect that is sure to impress houseguests and potential home buyers. Our team is specially trained to have keenness and attention to detail for that flawless look.

2. Durability

You might already know that epoxy is one of the toughest and most resilient flooring materials out there. It is stronger than concrete, wood, and stone, and is generally just more resilient in that it does not dent or scratch when something is dropped on it. That makes it the perfect flooring for somewhere that expects a lot of foot traffic. And with 3D epoxy floors, that durability stays the same, which means you never have to worry about damaging your unique floors.

But also, more importantly, you don’t have to worry about damaging the actual design on the floor. Because the design is within the actual floor instead of simply on top of it, it will not wear or fade away and will not deteriorate in quality after a period of time. It is protected within and by the epoxy, so it should be abrasion resistant and stain free. It can be installed on your basement, kitchen, dining area, bathroom or garage floor.

3. Easy maintenance

Tampa Epoxy floors are not hard to take care of, which is why they are the preferred flooring choice of so many residential, commercial, and industrial properties. They can be easily cleaned with a dry or wet mop to remove dust and dirt and a soft-bristled brush to remove stubborn dirt that needs more work. At the least, they should be cleaned once a week to ensure they stay shiny, glossy, and attractive.

And if you’re looking for a more proactive way of maintaining your garage floors for instance, you can have them resealed with a topcoat every other year to ensure their durability, protection, and stain-resistance.

4. Safety

While the high-shine look of epoxy floors may lead one to believe that they are unsafe and have a high risk of slipping or tripping, epoxy floors are actually quite safe. They can be customized to have some anti-slip properties to reduce the risk of slipping. We particularly recommend this for commercial spaces where safety is important.

In addition to this, epoxy floors can be made anti-bacterial to reduce the risk of bacteria forming and breeding on the surface of your floors. This is particularly attractive for food preparation and serving spaces and restrooms.

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