6 Epoxy Flooring Ideas for Commercial Spaces

Trending now is epoxy flooring, which is a top choice of business owners. A commercial establishment evolves through a range of designs produced by epoxy floor coatings. The innovative designs highlight the flooring system that attracts audiences, increasing the foot-traffic to your business. This year, be one of the successful entrepreneurs who avail the latest epoxy flooring ideas for remodeling their commercial spaces!
metallic epoxy flooring tampa
Metallic Epoxy Floors for a Well-Lighted Office Space

Company buildings and office spaces achieve their sophisticated, modern interior with metallic epoxy floors. This flooring system reflects the texture of metal materials like bronze, copper, or silver, creating a vibrant floor space. A metallic epoxy flooring is useful for hallways, reception areas, or conference halls of the building. The vast space gets its natural source of brightness from the light reflecting on the metallic surface of the floor.

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Industrial Look of Clear Resin for Residential Epoxy Flooring

Plain white concretes and neutral design, which industrial spaces usually have, can also be a tasteful choice for residential areas. Also referred to as “Scandinavian aesthetic”, the minimalistic pure white epoxy flooring makes a space versatile and easy to style. It is perfect for matching with colorful furniture and decorative materials. White epoxy flooring will not stress you from cleaning. White is usually prone to dirt, but not with epoxy floorings. The epoxy coating over plain raw substrates helps to enhance its texture making it even more resilient from stains, dust, and abrasions.

epoxy floor garage
Terrazzo Epoxy Flooring, Tasteful and Traditional

An instant attraction for your business establishment, especially hotels and restaurants, is the terrazzo floor coating. Like the 3D epoxy floors, terrazzo coating makes a dimensional visual image on the floor. It has a geometric combination of patterns that resonates with a traditional and classic design, such as Renaissance religious art structures. It goes well with a white and beige interior reminiscent of the old times.

epoxy garage
Faux Fusion Façade

Faux Fusion Stain Epoxy Flooring is known for its high resistance to abrasion, making this type of flooring a usual choice for patios, driveways, and areas with heavy vehicle activities. Upgrading the aesthetic of your outdoor commercial spaces adds a factor to your establishment’s aesthetic value.

Epoxy Wood Floor

Bring nature into your commercial spaces’ interiors and exteriors with epoxy wood floorings. The raw timber patterns bring out a natural look to your space. This flooring design perfectly matches the rustic themed establishment, like cafes or lodging businesses. It combines the raw nature scene with a polished seamless, industrial aesthetic.

Epoxy Mortar Flooring

Another innovative, contemporary design for epoxy floors is the mortar flooring. This genius product uses a double coating that combines epoxy resin over a customized surface concrete texture. With this type of epoxy flooring, you can produce vectors and patterns as an accent to the floors.it is modern and functional, which makes it great for transition rooms, lounge, patios and also driveways or parking sidewalks.

Have your mind set on getting epoxy flooring for your business? Let us help you! We offer epoxy floor services from metallic to epoxy flake. Feel free to read more of our blogs about good home flooring options for you or your commercial flats and houses. Wondering if maintenance will  be a problem? We’ve also set a blog for you to read about epoxy flooring maintenance tips.

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