4 Common Concrete Resurfacing Ideas for your Garage

Most days, your garage remains hidden behind the massive vehicles and luxury cars. No wonder that it is often neglected. To maximize productivity, why not revamp the garage with concrete resurfacing. 

The beauty and creativity will begin flowing from the floors. Damages don’t need to exist on the floor. This blog has listed your ideas to get your creative juices at work. 

Get your sleeves up, first scour your basement, or tool cabinet to gather these essential materials. To revamp your garage, you have to have these in your kit:

man applying epoxy on a garage floor
  • Concrete Sealers or resurfacing products
  • Squeegee
  • Trowel
  • Hopper Gun
  • Brush and broom (w/ long handles)
  • Mixing machines
  • Protective gears

Garage Floor Ideas

1- Concrete Restoration

There’s chaos before the change. Before you could plan a complete make-over to the garage, starts from the bottom up. The floors may need some restoration after facing impacts from tools and equipment stored in the garage. 

Fill the pits, cracks, and loose slabs. But before you could do this, clean and prepare the flooring. Check areas with deep and shallow pitting. See if there are more prominent cracks. A loose slab may also be lingering somewhere unseen. This will help you choose if you need to pursue a restoration or a complete replacement.

2- Gleaming floors for the Garage

An epoxy garage flooring can make you achieve multiple styles for floors. One variant of epoxy is the metallic coating. First, this finishing will restore the look and strength of the floors. Next, the metal-like additives mix in the resin coating will result in a floor that shines like metal. 

Give the Garage a gleaming ambiance with the floors that burst with glittery reflections. 

3- Flaked Patterns

The most popular garage flooring design is one that is enhanced with flaked chips of paint. The flake epoxy can offer you a coarse to a fine flaked- pattern.

The epoxy flake floors is a fun technique. You can have the creative freedom of mixing colors you want. There are dozens of popular flaked color combinations. You can have a mix of dual colors or more. Create a neutral tone or a contrasting pattern, as well.

4- 3D Garage

Creating 3D images sparks excitement in anyone. If you are looking for an opportunity to transform your boring Garage into a more creative and productive space, apply this technique.

3D floors look fascinating. Images that seem to move and patterns that feel like coming out of the surface captures the eyes. Resurfacing the concrete floors with 3D designs brings your garage space to the next level. 

You can also profit from this. Make-over the Garage to turn it into a showroom or a workshop.

Enjoyed this blog about garage resurfacing? Check out our site to find out more resurfacing options or read through our next blog on why you should install epoxy epoxy flooring.

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