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Facing up the challenge of worn down and deteriorated concrete floors? Don’t worry, we have a solution for that. At Tampa Epoxy, we have a special dual service of decorative concrete solutions your concrete and applying a protective and durable layer of epoxy. 

This means that not only do we give you a new concrete surface to hide cracks and pits, but we also go the extra mile of applying epoxy to upgrade your flooring system. 

We provide this to residential, commercial, and industrial properties all over Tampa, Florida.


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Tampa Concrete Resurfacing

The Ultimate Solution to dull and damaged concrete floors

Concrete resurfacing is the number one solution to give old and worn down concrete floors a breath of new life. Instead of having to replace your entire concrete slab (which is costly and time-consuming), you can instead choose to have the floor resurfaced, which will give you a new surface to work on and decorate.

Our team of experts use a compound that contains a special mixture of concrete and a binding agent which is vital because concrete by itself will not stick to the surface of another concrete floor. 

At Tampa Epoxy, our concrete resurfacing service is combined with an epoxy floor coating after the application. With epoxy, you can add more design and color. It also acts as protection against further cracking and provides a more durable surface that is easier to clean, stain-resistant, and visually appealing.

Installation Areas for Your Concrete Floors

Tampa Concrete Resurfacing Process

Step 1. A proper assessment is vital and done by experienced contractors to grade the condition of your concrete floors. While coatings do a lot to cover up cracks, pits, and signs of age in the concrete, it cannot fix anything if the concrete slab itself is structurally unsound. 

That is why we make sure all the damage on the floors can be easily covered up.

Step 2. Once we know the floors are ready, we thoroughly clean the floors. That means washing, scrubbing, vacuuming and making sure every piece of dust and dirt is taken off the floors. 

This allows the mixture of concrete and binding agent the opportunity to truly bind to the surface of the floors.

Step 3. When the floors are clean, we are then able to see what kind of prep work needs to be done. At this point, we patch up all the cracks and fill in all the depressions that have formed over the years the slab has been used. 

We use a special epoxy patching compound that fills in cracks better than regular patching putty and it also provides a permanent solution to cracking to make sure nothing under the resurfacer cracks again.

Step 4. After the floor has been thoroughly prepped, we spread the resurfacer on top of the floors. The amount we use on the floors depends on the size of the area as well as how much is needed to cover up the floors. 

It is then trowelled onto the surface evenly and smoothly to give us a good base for the application of the epoxy. This can take up to 6 hours to fully dry.

Step 5. When it has finished drying, we will start preparing the floor for the epoxy application. Epoxy can be quite delicate in application, so we go over the resurfacer with a vacuum again to make sure there is no dust or dirt on the surface or in any of the corners.

Step 6. We then apply our epoxy floor coating that we only source from the best manufacturers in Tampa. You can choose what color of epoxy you want, the finish or shine on it, as well as any additional effects you would like to add. 

Epoxy is applied in layers, and we typically apply three layers depending on the needs of our customers.

Step 7. Once the epoxy has dried, we apply a top coat sealer to lock it all in ensuring you get the highest quality service of concrete resurfacing in Tampa Fl.

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Epoxy Flooring Tampa

With concrete resurfacing Tampa Fl service, we not only give you an upgrade on your old concrete floors with the use of a resurfacer, but we also aim to improve your overall flooring system. Epoxy is a durable and resilient flooring material that will last for decades which means that when we’re done, you won’t have to worry about redoing the flooring for a long time.

We service the Tampa Bay area including Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough and the surrounding Tampa Area.


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