How Affordable Is Epoxy Flooring?

Resins and hardeners are two different materials that, when combined, form a strong durable material that has become a household name for ultra-durable floors – epoxy. Epoxy is a durable material that has great longevity and resistance against stains and other kinds of spills. But epoxy floors are also often touted as the most affordable option for garage flooring.

But how warranted is that reputation? Read on to find out how affordable epoxy really is and whether it is the right option for you.

Epoxy floors cost

The first thing to know about epoxy is that it doesn’t just come in one type. In fact, there are three types of epoxy that can be used on floors:

1. Solvent-based

Solvent-based epoxy is the most traditional type of epoxy and contains a high amount of solvents at around 70% (hence the name). Its an extremely popular epoxy choice because of its thin consistency and ease of application. 

At around $45-$150 per gallon, you will have to carefully weigh the pros and cons of using solvent-based epoxy. Solvents can be a highly volatile ingredient and cheaper low-quality solvent-based epoxy could indicate the possibility of future problems.

2. Water-based

Also known as waterborne epoxy, water-based epoxy is somewhat of an answer to the problems of solvent-based epoxies. It doesn’t contain any solvents so it is safer and generally easier to use and apply. It’s a popular DIY option for this reason.

And at $30-$50 for one gallon of water-based epoxy, it is an extremely affordable choice for homeowners. 

3. 100% Solids

The most durable type of all epoxy, 100% solids epoxy does not use any carriers like a solvent or water and is much thicker than the other two types. But because it has a much thicker consistency, it is harder to apply but can cover more ground and can cover more flaws than the other two types.

A gallon of 100% solids epoxy costs around $45-$150, but one should keep in mind that because it is much thicker, it is not as easily spread. That means you may need more than what you would need in water or solvent-based epoxy, which drives up the overall cost.

So is it affordable?

The short answer: YES, epoxy floors are far more affordable than other materials on the market.

The longer answer: whether you choose to apply the epoxy floors yourself or if you choose to hire a professional to do it for you, the costs will differ. But no matter which option you choose and which kind of epoxy you choose to use, the overall costs of the project will always cost much less than installing other flooring materials.

If you learned from reading our blog and you’re interested to get epoxy for your floors, try us! We are licensed in the epoxy industry to give you quality floors. We offer garage flooring and other services. read more about Why Warehouses Always Have Epoxy Floors.

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