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Epoxy flake floor is a type of epoxy flooring and is an innovative way to combine three of the most durable flooring materials, are extremely popular for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. At Tampa Epoxy, we are able to install flake floors on your concrete floors in a matter of just a few days, which means it doesn’t have to disrupt business hours or hours of operation. With Tampa epoxy flake flooring systems, you are able to combine functionality with design in a seamless and flawless manner.

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Tampa Epoxy Flake Flooring Installation

Epoxy flake floors, also known as “epoxy chip”, are technically three-layer flooring systems that combine epoxy, vinyl, and polyaspartic. They are an extremely popular choice for concrete floors and spaces such as garage floor that need more strength than just regular epoxy coatings, as they are a medium-to-heavy duty flooring choice.

Step 1. They are first installed through the application of an epoxy basecoat. The epoxy is a regular epoxy coating that is evenly spread on the surface of your concrete floor. Before it dries, we apply our second layer – vinyl chips.

Step 2. Vinyl chips are broadcast over the surface of the floor that is still wet with epoxy. This allows the chips to adhere to the epoxy to create the flooring’s second layer. Vinyl chips are not only extremely durable and strong, but they are also available in a number of colorways at Tampa Epoxy. Or if you are looking to incorporate a specific color scheme on your floors, we can also customize the color scheme of the vinyl chips. That allows you to use the chips as a vessel for color and design.

Step 3. Once the vinyl chips have covered the entirety of the floor and everything has been leveled off with the removal of excess chips, a top coat can finally be applied. We use only the best sealer for your floors – polyaspartic. UV-stable and resistant to changes in temperature even during installation, polyaspartic is simply the best for sealing in your chip floors.

This triple-layered flooring provides properties of all purposes and industries to take advantage of the distinct characteristics of epoxy without breaking the bank. Get it for your residential and commercial properties!

What does Epoxy Flake Floors Tampa offer?

Epoxy flake flooring Tampa is used across a variety of different properties. If you’re looking for floors that combine functionality & design with incredible efficiency, this is the epoxy floor coating for you!

Extreme durability

You already know that epoxy floor coatings are durable, but you can rely on high quality epoxy flake floors for even more durability. The magical triad of industrial grade epoxy, vinyl, and polyaspartic give incomparable results. Expect an epoxy garage floor coating that is highly abrasion resistant for residential use, commercial foot traffic, and the toll that floors take in industrial properties.

Multi-dimensional design

Unlike epoxy floor coatings that come in solid even colors, epoxy flake floors Tampa usually come in a multi-dimensional colorful appearance. This is because of the varying colors of vinyl chips that are applied to the floors. For example, instead of just red vinyl chips, we also add some white, black, and darker red ones to give floors texture and dimension. This creates a beautiful appearance of shifting colors on the floor.

Easy low-cost maintenance

You may be used to complicated floor maintenance schedules. But with epoxy, maintenance is almost non-existent. The most you will have to do for an epoxy chip floor is a new coat of polyaspartic every couple of years, depending on how much traffic passes over the floors. Besides this, cleaning epoxy floors is incredibly simple, as they only need a wet mop once a week to remove any stubborn dirt and dust. Otherwise, spills and debris can be cleaned up very easily.

Quick installation

For commercial and industrial properties, quick concrete floors installation times are incredibly important. A quick turnaround on installation means that business hours and hours of operation are not greatly disrupted. With flake epoxy, you should be able to resume normal operations the day after the completion of the project, which should only take up to 3 days to install.


While you may be thinking that a Tampa epoxy flake flooring system will be extremely expensive, you will be surprised to know that it is in fact the opposite that is true. Costs vary depending on the size of the space, the kind of vinyl chips used, and how many people are needed to install the flooring, but costs for flake epoxy are generally lower than other high-build solutions. But that does not mean we compromise on quality. We use only the best epoxy, vinyl, and polyaspartic floor coating on the market to ensure your flooring’s durability and longevity.

Safe for Use

Slip resistant floors are a must in any place. Injuries from falling, slipping and such are no joke and you’d want to minimize these in your home and business spaces. Our company recommends pairing your epoxy floors with a slip-resistant top-coat that adds more durability and texture to help materials grip well to the surface. Rest assured, your insurance will go to more important matters than being used for a slip-and-fall injury.

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