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For concrete floors starting to fall apart and showing signs of wear and tear, do not turn to more concrete or concrete patching compounds to fix the problem. Choose a material that will never break down on you – epoxy. At Tampa Epoxy, we specialize in using our special epoxy patching compound to fix cracks and repair pits on concrete floors. Choose longevity over a cheap price tag and go with an epoxy repair service that will have your floors looking brand new in no time at all.
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Epoxy Repair Compound: What Is It?

An epoxy patching compound is similar to the epoxy we use on floor coatings. It is a two-part system made up of resins and hardeners, precisely combined to create a material that is liquid until it cures into a hard durable material similar to plastic. This patching compound can be applied to cracks in concrete where it will dry to a permanent and water-resistant filler for the cracks. It offers a complete repair option that makes the fix permanent.

The epoxy patching compound we use at Tampa Epoxy is a special high-quality kind we use that does not sag, adheres well, and is resistant to water, oil, and most chemicals. That makes it a viable repair option for residential, commercial, and even industrial properties. While smaller cracks in your concrete can probably be done on your own, larger cracks that need to be chased with a special grinding tool and filled in will require professional skill and expertise to completely solve the crack problems.

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Where Can You Use Epoxy Repair Services Tampa?

1. Concrete that has cracked

It is a simple fact that concrete will eventually crack. This is due to the fact that concrete has very little flexibility – meaning it will eventually crack as it expands and contracts due to changes in temperature. If your concrete has cracked, don’t worry! There is a very easy solution in epoxy repair. While most home improvement stores will encourage the use of concrete patching compounds, they are an inferior product that will do little to repair the cracks you have on your floors.

Instead, choose a professional service of epoxy patching to close up the cracks in your concrete. At Tampa Epoxy, we use a special epoxy patching compound that provides a permanent solution to cracked floors. It is a non-sag formula that levels smoothly and adheres strongly to the concrete.

But before you use a service like epoxy patching, you will need to make sure the cracks in your concrete are only surface-level and do not go deeper into the slab. The former can be solved with epoxy, but the latter could be a sign that your concrete has some real structural issues.

2. Wooden floors that have deteriorated
Wooden buildings are often restored with epoxy patching compounds because of the seamless way they blend into the grain of the wood. That’s why epoxy can also be used on wooden floors. By filling in any gaps or pits the wood has, it provides a new surface where the wood has broken away. For smaller pits, you can buy ready-to-use caulkers with two parts of the epoxy ready to be mixed together and applied to the wood. This will work for smaller-scale damages, but you will need a professional to do the job if the deterioration is significant.
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Why Choose Tampa Epoxy Contractor

As an epoxy contractor company in Tampa with a decade of experience installing, repairing, updating, and removing epoxy flooring solutions, we understand the importance of having a contractor you can rely on for the successful completion of a job. That’s why we make sure we only provide service as a fully insured, bonded, and licensed contractor. An incredible number of people every year have to pay exorbitant amounts of money when an accident happens on their property or when the job is completed incorrectly without the right building permits. You won’t have to worry about any of that when you choose Tampa Epoxy for your project.

From the very first moment you call us to schedule a consultation, we assign a point person for you who will take care of your project from the start up until the very end. This means that you will never have to wonder who you need to talk to when you have concerns or questions.

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