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Because epoxy floors are commonly installed by professionals, you should be leaving the removal of epoxy to professionals, too. At Tampa Epoxy, we not only specialize in the efficient installation of flooring solutions but we also understand the importance of correct removal of epoxy floor. With a tried-and-tested technique that we have developed over the better part of a decade, our experienced crew can remove your garage floor, commercial floor space, or industrial place in just a couple of days.
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Reasons for Removing Epoxy Coating

Debating whether an epoxy removal is a right choice for you and your property? There are all kinds of reasons you may choose to call us to complete an epoxy removal service, including:
1. You just moved into a new house
Moving into a new house usually means having to deal with all the decorative choices the previous homeowners made. That includes the garage floor, which will probably be an epoxy floor. If it is still a functional and resilient floor, you may want to keep it. But if the floor coating has some visible problems – such as thinning patches, yellowing, crumbling off – then it is safe to say that it was a low-quality epoxy installation. In this case, you can choose to have the epoxy professionally removed then reinstalled with better materials for your own use.
2. You need a new flooring system
Not all epoxies are made or applied in the same way. Floor coatings epoxy are the popular choice for most garages, which involves the layering of epoxy on the floors to form a new and better surface. But epoxy coated floors are generally low-to-medium build floors. That means that while they can hold up against day-to-day activities and traffic, they will begin to wear down once activities and traffic increase. If you are planning to start using your garage as more than just a storage room (as an office, for example, or as a workshop), you may want to think about updating your floors to something stronger in build (like an epoxy flake or an epoxy mortar floor). At Tampa Epoxy, we can perform both the services – removing your floors and installing a better and stronger flooring system.
3. You want to change the design on your garage floors
Another popular reason for choosing to remove epoxy floor coating is the desire to change the look of your floors. Ten years ago, you might have fallen in love with the look of a blue epoxy floor, but today, you want something more minimal like a plain gray floor. In this case, you can choose to remove the old floor and replace it with a design and color that you like more.
4. The previous epoxy coating installation did not go as planned
While it can be easy and quick, epoxy installations can be difficult and complicated if you do not know enough or do not have enough experience. If you had your epoxy floors installed by another contractor or if you chose to do them yourself, your epoxy may start running into problems very soon after installation. If you are unsatisfied with the work that was done, do not go back to them to give them another chance to mess things up. Instead, choose seasoned experts and call us today at (813) 285-5803 for efficient and worry-free work.
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How to Remove Epoxy Floors Tampa

Epoxy floors are notoriously hard to remove once they have been installed. This is because of the way epoxy chemically binds to the concrete under it, merging the two materials together into one resilient floor. It is what makes it so attractive for garage flooring Tampa, but it is also what makes it so hard to remove.

This is why epoxy should only be removed by professionals. Not only is it a difficult job that requires special tools, but it incorrect and sloppy work could also damage the concrete underneath, which would lead to more costs as you have to replace them.

At Tampa Epoxy, we have a signature technique to remove epoxy from concrete floors:

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1. Solvent bath

If the epoxy was installed relatively recently, you can correct its incorrect application by quickly applying a solvent to the floors to soften up the epoxy before it completely cures. This is also the step best used for epoxy paint removal. But if the epoxy is relatively old, a solvent bath will do little to change its composition, which means we proceed to the next step.

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2. Grinding the epoxy

At Tampa Epoxy, we use only top-of-the-line grinders and grinding tools to shave off the epoxy on concrete floors. This is extremely delicate work as using the wrong grinder could result in damaging the concrete underneath. We also make sure to clean up after every pass of the grinder to make sure the dust does not accumulate.

3. Install new flooring

Once the epoxy is all removed, we can then proceed to the installation of the new epoxy flooring of your choice.

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