Garage Coating 101: Is Polyaspartic Better than Epoxy?

Polyaspratic coatings, also known as the one-day install floors, are somewhat more innovative than quality epoxy floors. The quick-cure coating is also an expensive one. The question “is polyaspartic the better option than epoxy” will be answered with different factors.

Polyurethane-hybrid coatings are best handled with experts in epoxy coating services. On the other hand, being the later innovation, epoxy flooring has now evolved into numerous creative flooring techniques. With 3D, metallic, and multiple-color combinations, epoxy is your go-to choice if you love DIY projects.

Consider time, resistance, cost, and customizability. Each factor will help you decide if a 1-day install floor is better than epoxy. Get your notes ready, as each will be discussed in today’s blog!

Tampa Epoxy Coating: Durable Coating


Both offer durability. The “King of floors,” epoxy is composed of two solid parts. The chemical bond of resin and hardener creates a fast dry system. When the coating is cured, the surface becomes tough, resistant, and it also looks stunning. 

Not lagging behind in today’s new flooring hero. Now hailed as the “King of Coatings,” polyaspartic floors offer the same performance. Aside from durability, these floors are also flexible. What is unique to polyurethane-hybrid coats is that they expand under extreme heat. That is why they are perfect for garages.

There are four factors you need to take note of. Your choice will depend on your requirements. Complete reading this list, as we will include our honest judgment of who hails for each factor.

1- Time

Garage spaces need no downtime. This room in your properties is probably the most active one. Not only it has high foot traffic, having guys and gals working with grease and grime. Garage spaces know no limit. 

A quick cure time is what garage kings and queens are looking for. Polyaspartic dries in just a day. In comparison, the epoxy floor dries fast as well, with a curing time of up to three days. Professional garage floor installers finish epoxy coating within the day. 

This self-leveling coating solidifies as it hits a hard surface. You can walk on it in less than 24 hours.

Given that time is a consideration, it also involves “when” you will install your coating. The two types of coating need enough heat and high temperature to cure fully. The installer will schedule the best time to pour the layer on the concrete surface. 

 2- Resistance

Garage epoxy floors are among those that offer the best high-resistance. Epoxy floors are garage owners’ practical choice for revamping their spaces. They provide excellent chemical resistance, water-repel, and anti-stain surface.

Mentioned above are qualities that the king of coatings provides equally well. To take your bet, this 1-day install floor will offer more. How about a UV-light stable surface? A heat-resistant flooring? 

Epoxy cracks or weakens when exposed under extreme heat. Epoxy is not recommended outdoors—Polyasparti-polyurea floor resits high heat.

3- Cost

In terms of cost, a 1-day install floor is expensive. This fact makes epoxy the cheaper option. For getting the same durable and resistant quality, why choose something that is out of your budget? Here, epoxy will not fail you as it offers the same benefits. Eco-friendly and zero VOC, epoxy and poly-floor coating both have them. 

If you got your garage secured under your basement or has good shading, then epoxy is your suitable choice. 


Once resurfacing commercial indoor floors, epoxy is most loved by business areas for its customizability. Have you heard of 3D, Metallic, terrazzo, or chipped? These are all epoxy original. Compared to the monolithic, single, distinctive surface of polyurea floor coatings, epoxy lays more on the table.


For having hailed the quick-cure coating and named as “1-day install. For absolute resistance. For customizability, design, and color options, the winner is epoxy floors! Want to rad more? Check this blog on concrete resurfacing ideas for your garage.

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