3 Tips for Preserving your Epoxy Floor

grey metallic epoxy flooring

Choosing this floor coating certainly has its advantages. It is for heavy-duty that is typically needed in areas with machines and a lot of foot traffic.

Besides its durability, another essential feature of this garage floor is its easy maintenance. Epoxy flooring also needs tender love and care like most materials. However, maintenance is easy compared to other options.

Luckily, this article has three tips to extend this flooring’s life span and to return its lost shine.

How do you maintain an epoxy flooring?

1. Clean with the right tools.

Cleaning agents
Do not buy products that are acidic and soap-based. These types of cleaners will lessen the slip-resistance and shine.

Trick: Sweep the dirt and dust with a soft broom. A good dust mop, warm water, and diluted ammonia are all you need if there is still a stubborn stain.

Cleaning materials
Lightly wipe stains or other unwanted liquid with a clean rag or a non-abrasive sponge. Experts discourage the use of steel wool and heavy scrubbing when removing spills.

Trick: Normally, oil, gas, and other kinds of liquid will spill in your garage or warehouse. Be alert when this occurs because stains will leave a mark when left unchecked. Gentle protection is necessary to avoid those spots on the surface.

2. Clean at the right time.

This tip is applicable for both minor and heavy-duty cleaning. Do not clean your every day. The cleaning schedule will depend on how often people work in the area. Some say that the minimum is two times each year, whereas others wrote that weekly cleaning is better.

  •  Consider if the surface is in a residential or commercial area. The answer depends on where residue buildup can happen more rapidly. If it is in a factory or warehouse, regular cleaning is more expected than in house garages.
  • During winter, make sure that you continuously sweep your garage. Chemicals, like those for anti-icing and de-icing, are applied to roads. These solutions may dry on the surface.

3. Clean in a smart way.

Make sure that the other tools in the work area, like the machinery or any vehicle,

are protected before you start cleaning. These objects may become wet, and you will be faced with another problem.

Another thing is that you should also protect the coating from these objects. An epoxy floor can handle the strain when dragging large appliances. However, this material will still be vulnerable to scratches and damage.

Trick: Use mats or other easy-to-find materials underneath the appliance, like plywood, to protect the surface.

For example, mats will absorb the water from the employees or house members’ shoes before entering. Place this at the door entrance of the work area or garage.

Mike Mincemoye also suggests using computer mouse pads underneath the motorcycle’s kickstand. This option can also be applied to other machines with metal stands.

Always remember that even if epoxy coating is resilient, this coating is still susceptible to damage and wear over time. Rest assured that you can continue experiencing its benefits with this list. Still in doubt whether to get Epoxy coating or not? Here are reasons to install epoxy flooring. Contemplating on getting epoxy for your business? Read on about commercial flooring ideas for your business.

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