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If you love the functionality and look of plain epoxy floors, go a step further and have your floors decorated with Tampa metallic epoxy floors. Tampa Epoxy specializes in installing beautiful and functional metallic epoxy floors that will look great in garages, living rooms, commercial spaces, stores, showrooms, and any other space needing a spruce up. This floor coating is great for both residential and commercial surfaces and will fit your needs.

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Tampa Metallic Epoxy Flooring Systems

Unlike regular epoxy floor coatings, metallic epoxy flooring Tampa is made distinct by its built-in design and effect. It is typically made up of three things: resins, hardeners (which make up the actual epoxy), and a mix of metallic aggregates or glitter to add effect. Some metallic epoxies will also have some kind of colorant mixed in to give color to the epoxy, an option for those who love customizing and owning their creative prowess.

It is different from other kinds of epoxy coating broadcasts in that the metallic aggregates are mixed into the actual epoxy mixture, not layered on to stick to a base coat of epoxy. This gives epoxy metallic floors an even and loose distribution of glitter, instead of the glitter being indistinguishable from the epoxy. Our special mixture of epoxy metallic – which we mix together on-site – has a guaranteed shine and resilience. Because our metallic aggregates are thoroughly and properly incorporated into the epoxy, you never have to worry about loose particles making a mess.

Though metallic epoxy flooring in Tampa are particularly popular in garage floor, we would still recommend their installation in all rooms of residential properties and in commercial properties looking for a punch of style and design in their flooring.

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grey metallic epoxy flooring
metallic epoxy floor garage

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Tampa Installation by Decorative Concrete Experts

At Tampa Epoxy, we have an experienced and regularly trained crew that installs all our epoxy metallic flooring systems with skill and care.

Step 1. Before the epoxy is applied, we have a thorough prep process that is necessary for the job. Epoxy is, compared to all other floorings, relatively finicky. That means that epoxy is dependent on the state of the floors underneath it for whether or not it will bond properly and last as long as it is expected to. We begin our prep process by checking over the state of the floor and repairing or filling in any surface deterioration. 

We also remove any sealers or topcoats that have been applied to the concrete at this point. We fill in any cracks that have formed and test for the integrity of the concrete floors to fix any unevenness that may interfere with the application of the epoxy. We also test for moisture in the concrete.

Step 2. Once we have made sure we are working on an even surface with no pits or cracks, we start the thorough cleaning process of debris, dust, and dirt on the surface. It is important that the floors are completely clean and free of any kind of dirt. That means using our strong vacuum system that can easily fit into corners and into tighter spots in the room. Only when the prep process is complete do we start the epoxy application.

Step 3. Because epoxy flooring is a two-part system, we have to mix both components on-site to get the best results. When we have carefully combined the precise measurements of resins and hardeners, we add in the metallic glitters that give epoxy metallic flooring systems their name. The quantity, the size of the aggregates, and the colors are all up to you; but we ensure the quality of the glitters.

Step 4. Epoxy floors are installed in layers. We spread an even thin layer of epoxy then leave it to dry, coming back later to apply another layer. This ensures the floor’s strength is built up and controlled. Applying it all at once could lead to shoddy and uneven curing on the floors, which we want to avoid. After the application of the epoxy, we finish with a sealer to protect the floors.

And viola, epoxy floor coatings metallic installed by the experts at Tampa Epoxy.

How to Maintain Metallic Epoxy Floors Tampa

Tampa metallic epoxy flooring is a relatively low-maintenance material, and it rarely needs anything special or specific to ensure it stays in great shape – it tends to do that by itself. At most, you can choose to have a sealer reapplied professionally every other year depending on the kind of traffic you get on the floors. This is done to protect the floors from sun exposure and to retain its stain-resistance.

To clean your metallic epoxy floors, you can choose to go over it with a wet mop every week to remove any dirt and dust that could conceal the bright and shiny appearance of the floors. Get easy to maintain. high gloss and slip resistant floors today!

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Flooring solutions need not be difficult. Our team of experienced flooring contractors have great attention to detail and recognize that only high quality materials with skillful application will do. We service Metallic epoxy floors all around Florida and the Tampa Bay Area for both residential and commercial spaces.

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