Reasons to Install Epoxy Flooring

Finding a flooring solution that fits all your needs can be challenging, especially for high-demand applications such as warehouses, factories, and hospitals. Epoxy flooring fits such billing. Epoxy resin provides a versatile and durable flooring solution that is well-suited for use in commercial properties, industrial facilities, and residential areas. It is resistant to punctures, abrasion, spills, among other things, without any noticeable impact on its appearance and performance.

Here are just some of the reasons to use epoxy floor coatings as a protective finish for your concrete floors:

epoxy flooring tampa
Epoxy Is Strong and Durable

A commercial epoxy floor coating meets the extreme flooring demands of business establishments. It reinforces the floor and enables it to withstand heavy loads in a warehouse setting and is even stronger than the underlying concrete. As epoxy cures, it turns into a solid polymer that is resistant to many forms of damage.

Epoxy Is Low Maintenance

Epoxy flooring is one of the easiest flooring systems to maintain due to the seamless floor system that epoxy creates. This synergy makes sweeping or mopping a breeze, and you can perform these activities without having to mind grime, grit, and pathogens. You don’t have to wax or polish your floor to keep its attractive finish ever again!

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It Brightens Your Facility

Epoxy floor coating makes your floor shinier by up to 400% with its high gloss finish. The light reflection reduces the need for additional light fixtures, effectively lowering facility costs. Further, epoxy flooring also improves the lighting conditions in your workplace, which creates a safer working environment.

An Epoxy Floor Coating Is a Safe Solution

Your epoxy flooring system can also be installed with an anti-slip additive. This added feature helps secure areas prone to spills, which reduces instances of accidents in your workplace. Walking paths and workspaces can also be designated for improved safety, with the ability to add custom patterns and markings to your flooring system.

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Epoxy Floor Coating Protects Your Concrete Floor

Epoxy flooring doesn’t just look great, it also aids in protecting the concrete slab floor beneath from damage. This protective coating works well against acids, oils, water, and chemical spills that stain and damage the porous concrete floor.

Epoxy Can Be Easily Customized

The last thing you want is for your floor system to appear dull and boring. Commercial epoxy floor systems prevent this from happening since epoxy can be easily customized with the installation of colors and patterns that help create your preferred look. Together with striping and solid colors, flake epoxy is also a great choice to attain an ornate yet professional appearance.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring is Quick to Install

The need for costly facility shutdowns to install a new flooring system has become a thing of the past. Installing epoxy floor coatings is rather quick, especially with rapid cure epoxy flooring, which effectively reduces downtime. Now, you don’t have to wait that long before your facility is up and running again.

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