Tips On How To Create A Safe Home

Making a home safe for your family or potential buyers without a guide can be challenging without hurting how it looks. Good thing we are here to help you beautifully design a safe haven through essential tips and touches, like residential epoxy flooring in Tampa and many more!

How To Create A Safe Home Space

To make your home safe, aside from using the latest technology, like security cameras and other automated alarms, you also need to know how to improve the safety and function of your home’s structure and look.

Here are three fundamental yet promising safety tips for your living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and other rooms like your laundry and garage!

Anti-Slip Flooring

Interior residential epoxy flooring can help create an exquisite safe area for either dry or wet-prone places, like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. It lasts up to 15 years because it does not absorb moisture and is resistant to impact and most chemicals. You can also mix anti-skid additives like sand, silica, pumice, polymer grit, or quartz.

It is also more hygienic than tiles because there are no grout spaces, and it means no room for bacteria, algae, or mold growth, which harms everyone’s health. You can also revisit our previous blog on the benefits of epoxy floors for homes.

Non-slippery residential epoxy flooring costs around $20 to $50 for every ten sq. ft. of floor space. That is a bang for the buck because aside from adding non-slip, it comes in many colors, and you can create something metallic or 3D. That means you can have a personalized layout of images and faux looks of marble, quartz, and terrazzo to your flooring.

Interior residential epoxy flooring
epoxy floor in 3D

Lay Down Rugs

Rugs are a beautiful addition to your living room and kitchen because it makes them look spacious and cozy. You can also dry your feet in those rugs and carpets, making you safer from slips before you can even enter another room or area.

If you live in cold places and plan to use epoxy flooring for residential or commercial spaces, use rugs because they are good thermal insulators. But if you live in hotter areas, don’t worry. Some summer or low-pile styled rugs, like flatweaves or dhurrie rugs, don’t hold much heat and will add a welcoming ambiance, making everyone feel relaxed.

Install Good Lighting

Good lighting is another subtle but impactful part of a safe home. You can see the floors, rugs, and other home features with proper lighting. There is also a psychology to its colors; warm-colored lighting creates a cozy and serene feeling, while cold-colored lighting creates a type of action and productivity mood.

You can choose to use either lighting fixtures with art sculptures or natural lighting through skylights and windows. But did you know you can save more lighting energy using epoxy resin flooring residential? Although you can coat it matte, it usually is glossy and highly reflective.

Overall, everything about good lighting sources and light-reflective flooring can help you spot hazards and dangers around your home more quickly.

Security Is Beautiful

A touch of sophistication and safety in a home is a dream everyone wants to attain in their lives. If you want to achieve that, follow the three tips we have given you. You can also do more research for inspiration designs or people who can help you, like interior designers in Tampa or epoxy flooring installers.

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